Coaching & Hypnosis

Energy Clearing – Overcome Anxiety, Trauma and Blockages

Using modalities of energy alignment, EFT Tapping, Ho’ Opono Pono and NLP to assist you in removing physiological responses to trauma, hurt, anxiety, blockages and limiting beliefs. The intended results: To clear yourself to attract abundance and peace.

Supercharge Your Success: 1-on-1 Obstacle-Buster Session

This session is a full out 1-on-1 workshop in which I help you:

  • Identify priority goals
  • Identify obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Teach you how to break limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles
  • Help you create a viable, energetic plan of action to finally achieve what you have always dreamed.

This is the first session to get you kick started into a path of success. Additional sessions may be needed. I have package plans and monthly plans to help you along the way.

Hypnosis and Related Services

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